The Umuntu

Simunye Beadwork

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The Umuntu is a one-of-a-kind piece of beautifully handcrafted beaded jewelry.
The Umuntu is a stunning beaded collar necklace that is handcrafted in Zululand.
The Umuntu collar necklace is unique accessory made of intricate beadwork.
The Umuntu is a beaded color necklace made of colorful glass beads.
The Umuntu is a beaded color necklace made of beads.
The Umuntu is a handmade beaded collar necklace.
  • The Umuntu is a one-of-a-kind, elaborately handcrafted beaded collar necklace
  • Umuntu is the Zulu word for person
  • Made of colorful regularly sized beads
  • Beadwork colors include bright orange, yellow, green, red, white, royal blue, periwinkle (lavender blue), lime green, teal and black beads
  • Intricately finished with a handmade beaded clasp
  • 16 inches in length
  • 3 inches wide

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