About Us

Sibindi is a dream come true: Becoming a business owner, exploring my entrepreneurial spirit, and changing the lives of my family by selling handcrafted products I love, from places I am passionate about. The Zulu translation of the word neSIBINDI means courageous. So, this is about finding my courage and about the journey to becoming Sibindi.

The dream and vision of our store is to source products from around the world. Our goal is to support and sustain artisans, changing their lives and their communities in those countries. But for now, I am cautiously dipping my toe in the water with products that are near and dear to my heart from my homeland, South Africa.

The first line of handcrafted products that we are launching is beadwork sourced from artisans in Zululand, South Africa. Their beaded jewelry is intricate and colorful, vibrant and full of life, and, of course, it tells a story of culture, tradition and family. We hope that you will enjoy the journey to South Africa and beyond with our beaded jewelry and accessories - products such as necklaces, chokers, bracelets, bangles, belts, dollies and drink coasters. It is only the beginning, but we are excited about this first step with you. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

- Nadine & Family