The Bebe

Simunye Beadwork

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The Bebe is a beaded African dolly and is the smallest of the Dollies Collection
The Bebe doll is made of intricate and ethnic beadwork.
The Bebe is a handcrafted beaded dolly and is the baby doll of the Dollies collection.
The Bebe is a handmade beaded doll.
The Bebe is beaded doll/toy made by artisans in South Africa.
The Bebe is a handcrafted beaded dolly that showcases African culture and heritage.
  • The Bebe is an authentically handcrafted African beaded doll
  • Smallest in the Dollies Collection
  • The Bebe is a celebration of the African child and the family unit
  • Doll is made of fine, brightly colored beads, fabric and wool
  • Beadwork on the body of the dolly showcases traditional tribal dress in an ethnic pattern
  • Color themes in the beadwork may include royal blue, periwinkle (lavender blue), red, orange, green, white, yellow, lime green, plum, teal and black (colors in dollies may vary)
  • 3 inches tall
  • 1.5 inches wide

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