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The Induna

Simunye Beadwork

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The Induna is a beautifully handcrafted beaded wide collar necklace.
The Induna beaded wide collar beaded necklace is intricately made with colorful glass beads.
The Induna is a wide collar necklace handcrafted with custom beadwork from Zululand.
The Induna is handmade beaded collar necklace.
The Induna necklace is an ornate handcrafted beaded collar necklace made of brightly colored beads and ethic design.
The Induna necklace is handcrafted with colorful glass beads.
  • The Induna is an exquisitely handcrafted beaded wide collar necklace
  • Induna is the Zulu word for chief and the perfect name for this ornate beaded necklace
  • Made of regularly sized beads
  • Dominant colors on this one-of-a-kind collar necklace are orange, periwinkle (lavender blue), white, red and lime green
  • Beadwork on the Induna necklace is accented by black, yellow and royal blue
  • Intricately finished with a handmade black beaded clasp
  • 17 inches in length
  • 4 inches wide

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