Ready! Steady! Go!

We have our logo! The first step to visually formalizing our brand and identity as we get ready to launch. 

The idea of Sibindi started years ago with dreams of becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. I finally got the nudge and the courage to just do it and that is how Sibindi was born. 

For the geeks out there, similar to me, that love the thought process behind logos and branding, here was the thinking behind our mark. First, the Shweshwe (a style of uniquely designed patterns/fabric made in South Africa) design inspiration and color palette represents my homeland. There is also a further symbolic nod to South Africa (where I grew up) with the graphic “y-shaped” elements found in the flag, and a nod to the United States (where I live now) with the use of red, white and blue. Secondly, if you look closely, there are actually four hearts forming the circle. It represents the “heart” of why Sibindi was started - for my family of four, to support my family in South Africa (the family circle), and my heart for my homeland (the core of who I am). Third, the four hearts create four arrows pointing inward toward the center of the circle. This represents the fact that Sibindi gets its items from far away and that Sibindi is the central place to get them (where all of those items gather/come together). Other details with the colorful dots represent the beadwork that is the launching pad for our business, recognizing the intricate, handmade details on our jewelry and the vibrancy of the beads and Zulu culture. This logo has been thoughtfully and beautifully designed, fully representing who and what Sibindi is.